What does a Podiatrist do?

To get a handle on what podiatrists do, it is helpful to understand that these men and women are foot specialists who have earned their doctorate in podiatric medicine (DPM). Podiatrists earn board certification with either the American Board of Podiatric Medicine or the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (or both).

Foot doctors are skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions that affect feet, ankles, and toes. Some of the fields which podiatrists may specialize in include sports medicine, pediatrics, wound care, diabetic foot care, surgery, and skin and nail care. Most, but not all, are able to perform surgical procedures, but the goal is typically to treat patients’ foot and ankle issues with the use of conservative care.

Help for Your Foot and Ankle Issues

If any of these services sound like something you could use, or you are currently experiencing any foot or heel pain, contact the professionals at Brook Valley Podiatry. We proudly serve the Spring Valley, NY community with the expert foot care our patients deserve. Schedule your appointment today by calling (845) 352-7507 or simply using our online form to reach us.

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