Do home remedies for warts work?

Home remedies for warts can actually be rather effective for treating the viral growths, but your first course of action needs to be receiving a professional diagnosis at our office. Too many individuals mistake a corn for a plantar wart and then suffer increased pain and risk for ulceration and infection when they use wart treatments.

One way to treat a wart at home we may recommend that is surprisingly effective is the “duct tape method,” wherein you cover the wart with a strip of duct tape and leave it on for six days. After the time has lapsed, you will soak the area and then use an emery board or pumice stone on the viral growth.

It is important to note that if you have diabetes, do not attempt to treat a wart at home. Instead, contact our office and have our professionals handle it for you.

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Remedies for Warts

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