Our Foot Care Services and Specialties

Where do you go when foot problems strike? To an expert on feet, of course!

Brook Valley Podiatry is where to go to receive personalized care and treatment, finding the relief from foot and ankle problems that you and your family deserve.

To that end, we employ a wealth of experience, knowledge, technology, and techniques to provide the best in care for each patient. And, naturally, not every patient is the same—so we provide specialized focuses in certain areas as well.

Here are a few of our specialized treatments and patient areas. They are far from the only areas of our expertise, however. Please don’t hesitate to call us whenever any kind of foot or ankle problems strike.

Neurogenx for Nerve Treatment in the Feet

No matter why it happens, nerve damage can cause some very uncomfortable symptoms in your feet and ankles. Pain, burning, tingling, and numbness can threaten your stability and make life less enjoyable.

Neurogenx is a remarkable therapy that can not only relieve some of these symptoms, but also help damaged nerves repair themselves and restore function. All of this is accomplished via electric wave signals sent through the nerves.

Custom Orthotics for Comfort and Correction

The source of many cases of foot and ankle pain can be traced back to an imbalance of forces distributed across the feet, which places too much strain on certain areas. This is often attributable to an abnormal foot structure or an abnormal gait (such as your foot rolling too far inward when moving).

In many cases such as these, custom orthotics can be prescribed to provide correction and support exactly where it’s needed. Unlike the inserts bought at stores, these are made specifically to the needs of each patient. No two are the same.

Vascular Testing to Monitor Circulatory Health

Various conditions such as diabetes can lead to poor blood flow, and so can the natural course of aging or the buildup of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Whenever circulation weakens, the feet are among the first parts of the body to suffer the consequences. That’s why we as podiatrists are invested in keeping close track of circulatory health in patients who are particularly at risk, including diabetic patients.

Our vascular testing program measures the flow of your blood over a period of time, so we can prescribe treatment, analyze its effectiveness, and make decisions about the path forward.

Diabetic Foot Care

With diabetes on the rise, it is important to understand its effects on your feet and how to protect them. While we mentioned its effects on circulation above, there are further, dangerous consequences diabetes can have on the feet if left unchecked.

We work together with your primary care physician on issues of diet and glucose level control to reduce your risk for complications like poor circulation and nerve damage. We also encourage a plan for exercising to maintain strength, circulation, and a healthy weight. In addition, we can help you set up a diabetic foot care plan—including consistently checking your feet for concerning issues.

We can help treat diabetic foot problems with footwear modifications, or with custom orthotics that offload pressure or rebalance your foot. If you develop a foot ulcer, our effective wound care treatments help them heal faster, lessening your risk of serious infection.

Children’s Foot Care

We understand that many children have fears about medical treatment. That’s why we offer pediatric foot care that is second-to-none, with a gentle and caring manner. We try to serve our youngest patients so they can see us as helpers to make them feel better.

We address a variety of conditions: gait problems like in-toeing and out-toeing in toddlers; ingrown toenails and warts in school children; Sever’s disease, juvenile bunions, and sports injuries in adolescents, just to name a few.

Senior Foot Care

As children have unique foot care needs, so too do the older generations. Stability and mobility can become increasing concerns, and taking proper care as early as possible can help maintain independence and comfort.

Our office works not only with senior patients, but any caregivers they may have to help ensure the very best in treatment—both inside and outside the office.

Expert Foot Care in Spring Valley, NY

Our goal is to relieve pain and help all our patients to participate as fully as possible in the life activities they enjoy. Whether that involves an advanced treatment or tried and true traditional care, we will provide care to the best of our abilities.

Call Dr. Stuart Birnbaum at Brook Valley Podiatry and find the help you need to regain or maintain your foot health. Call (845) 352-0757 for our Spring Valley location, or schedule using our online form.

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