Our Foot & Ankle Care Services

Feet, those important but often overlooked extremities at the ends of your legs, are subject to all sorts of trauma and pressure throughout your life—including your neglect of them. Sometimes they hold up well, but they often have little “meltdowns” or break down completely. Where do you go when foot problems strike? To an expert on feet, of course! Brook Valley Podiatry is the place to come to relieve foot pain and learn how to treat them properly so they can reward you with a lifetime of service. Following are some of our specialty areas in caring for feet.

Pain Management for Comfortable Feet

The simple place to start with most foot pain is immediate home care. We will often recommend the RICE protocol until you can be seen. This means you rest your foot, ice it, compress swollen tissues with an elastic wrap, and elevate it until you can be seen.

At your visit, Dr. Stuart Birnbaum will do a thorough exam to find the reason for your pain. Once we know what causes it, we can work on remedies for it, including conservative ones like pain relievers, changes in footwear, custom orthotics, or physical therapy, and surgical procedures if the problem cannot be corrected another way.

Gentle Care for Children’s Feet

We understand that many children have fears about medical treatment. That’s why we offer pediatric foot care second to none, but in a gentle and caring manner, so our youngest patients see us as helpers who can make their feet feel better. We address a variety of conditions: gait problems like in-toeing and out-toeing in toddlers; ingrown toenails and warts in school children; Sever’s disease, juvenile bunions, and sports injuries in adolescents, just to name a few.

Comprehensive Care for Diabetic Feet

With diabetes on the rise, it is important to understand its effects on your feet and how to protect them. We work in tandem with your primary care physician on issues of diet and glucose level control to reduce your risk for complications like poor circulation and nerve damage. We also encourage a plan for exercising to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, we can help you set up a diabetic foot care plan—including consistently checking your feet for concerning issues.

We can help treat diabetic foot problems with footwear modifications, or with custom orthotics that offload pressure or rebalance your foot. If you develop a foot ulcer, our effective wound care treatments help them heal faster, lessening your risk for infection, gangrene, and possible amputation.

Testing for Circulation Problems

It is not just diabetes that can lead to poor blood flow. Natural aging can weaken the valves in your veins, and high cholesterol levels can lead to plaque buildup throughout your body that restricts your circulation. Our vascular testing program measures the flow of your blood over a period of time, so we can prescribe treatment, analyze its effectiveness, and make decisions about the path forward.

Neurogenx for Renewing Nerve Function

No matter why it happens, nerve damage can cause some very uncomfortable symptoms in your feet and ankles, including pain, burning, tingling, and numbness. These can threaten your stability and make life less enjoyable. Neurogenx is a remarkable therapy that will not only relieve some of these symptoms but also help damaged nerves repair themselves and become functioning again.

Expert Foot Care in Spring Valley, NY

We see patients with these issues and others such as sports injuries, infections, or skin and nail conditions. Our goal is to relieve pain and allow you to participate as fully as possible in the life activities you enjoy. Call Dr. Stuart Birnbaum at Brook Valley Podiatry and find the help you need to regain or maintain your foot health. Call (845) 352-0757 for our Spring Valley location, or schedule using our online form and we’ll do our best for you!

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