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Sometimes your body, including your feet, needs a little help and support to function normally and without pain. After all, that’s why you wear glasses when you have vision issues, or hearing aids when you have hearing issues. Tools can help your body do what it was designed to do properly and effectively. That’s the same reason people use orthotics for their feet.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are special inserts that slip into shoes to add extra cushioning and support. Custom orthotics are prescription-based insoles Orthotics dispensed by an experienced podiatrist like Dr. Stuart Birnbaum that fit your unique feet and biomechanical needs. These customized inserts come in two main styles: functional and accommodative. They relieve pain by supporting your foot so it can better handle pressure and movement.

Functional orthotics are made from semi-rigid materials and are designed to control abnormal motions that may be wearing on your lower limbs. This allows them to alleviate pain and wear-and-tear issues from faulty biomechanics. Accommodative orthotics are made from soft materials and designed to provide extra cushioning, particularly in spots vulnerable to pressure. This allows them to help your feet absorb pressure better and prevent conditions like ulcers.

Custom orthotics are not the only kind of shoe insert, however. There are also over-the-counter prefabricated insoles. You can find them in stores and pharmacies, or advertised on TV and the internet. They do not require a prescription and fit your feet based largely on average foot sizes, which means they are not interchangeable with their truly custom counterparts. However, for some people, these options can help alleviate soreness and minor foot pain.

When You Might Need Orthotic Inserts

People need and use orthotics of both kinds for a variety of reasons. Those who choose over-the-counter shoe inserts usually use them to help handle sore feet and mild pain. Maybe you need a little extra arch support in a particular pair of shoes, or when you run. Maybe a certain activity puts a lot of pressure on your heels. Perhaps you just need more cushioning in your work shoes. All of these are fair reasons to use shoe inserts.Orthotic shoe insert

Custom orthotics tend to be used for biomechanical problems, chronic pain or injuries, or serious conditions like diabetic foot issues. Plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, severe overpronation, ankle instability, diabetic foot collapse, and more are all reasons you might need custom orthotics to support your lower limbs. Ultimately, you’ll need a specialist like Dr. Stuart Birnbaum to help you determine if you would benefit from using orthotics, and which kind would be best for your feet.

How to Get Custom Inserts

Because custom inserts are prescribed to fit your unique needs, there is a process to crafting them. Once Dr. Stuart Birnbaum has agreed you need a custom pair, your feet and your gait will be evaluated. This determines how to best support or correct biomechanical issues. Our team will take measurements and foot casts to get the correct shape. From there, a unique orthotic is crafted for your lower limbs. It’s then fitted to make sure it was designed correctly.

Whether you use orthotics or not—and what kind—depends on your unique feet and needs. These special insoles are designed to alleviate discomfort so you can enjoy life without foot pain. If you’re struggling with sore feet or chronic conditions like heel pain, custom orthotics might be the answer you’re looking for. Let Brook Valley Podiatry help you take care of your own or your loved ones’ feet today. Contact our Spring Valley office through our online forms, or by calling: (845) 352-7507.

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