At some point in your life you probably poked yourself with a sharp pin or needle. You know how you reacted: a twitch or jump, and a yelp of pain. Now imagine that happening in your feet or legs when you least expect it, or worse—on a continuing basis. These sharp, stabbing pains are often a sign of nerve problems, and you shouldn’t ignore them, especially when there are new treatments like Neurogenx that can put an end to them.

What Nerve Damage Feels Like

Nerves are the “wiring” in your body that sends and receives messages to and from the brain. When something goes wrong with the system, the “current” can be cut off in certain spots—leading to numbness and lack of sensation—or misfire—causing “sparks” of pain. This commonly happens in your extremities due to conditions such as pinched nerves or nerve tumors, neurological conditions, or diabetes.

Nerve problems can cause instability and falls, and the chronic pain and numbness can really affect your quality of life. Neuropathy can also mean your nerves can’t detect injury, which is a real problem in diabetic sufferers, because the injury can keep getting worse while you are unaware of it. Such wounds on the feet are one of the major causes of diabetic amputations.

Treating neuropathy in the past consisted mainly of managing the symptoms with narcotic pain relievers, which came with side effects and complications, or doing a surgical procedure to relieve pressure or remove part of a nerve.

The Neurogenx Concept

This revolutionary treatment uses electrical stimulation at the cellular level to not only relieve your pain but also encourage cell repair and healing of the nerves. The electro-medical treatment is FDA-approved to treat neuropathy and chronic nerve conditions. It involves placing pads on your skin that transmit Electronic Signal Treatment (EST) to your tissues. The high-frequency electric wave signal is similar to the natural ones occurring in your body. It reaches deep into the cellular level of your tissue, stimulating a reduction in swelling and fluids, a change the Ph level, and an improvement in cell metabolism.

The result is relief from pain along with increased healing in the damaged nerve tissue. Studies have shown a dramatic improvement in pain levels and an increase in nerve function. In addition, surgery is not needed and there are no narcotics involved, plus no side effects to make you uncomfortable or harm you.

Finding Help for Nerve Pain in Spring Valley, NY

Many things besides neuropathy can lead to nerve pain in your feet, including fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and more. Our experienced staff can help you get to the bottom of your discomfort and determine whether Neurogenx might be a good option for you. 4 out of 5 patients studied found significant relief from pain after just one or two treatments.

If you suffer from nerve pain and want to learn more about this revolutionary therapy, contact Dr. Stuart Birnbaum of Brook Valley Podiatry for more information. You can reach us at our Spring Valley, NY office by dialing (845) 352-0757. You can also set up your appointment using our online form. Don’t let pain in your feet and legs continue to ruin your enjoyment of life. Contact us today.

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