How is nerve damage treated?

High and fluctuating blood sugar levels are a common cause of nerve damage. If your nerve pain is caused by diabetes, the main treatment involves keeping your blood glucose levels within range. This is done with insulin, medications, and strict adherence to a diabetic diet.

If the underlying cause is excessive alcohol, exposure to toxins, infection, or immune or neurological conditions, the same principle applies: first treat what is causing the nerve damage.

Beyond that, treatment for nerve damage focuses on stopping its progression and relieving pain. Many methods are employed here, including oral and topical medications, physical therapy, relaxation and biofeedback therapy, exercise, and taking proper care of your feet. This involves everything from daily hygiene and inspections for cuts or lesions, to wearing proper protection and regular appointments at our office to monitor any problems.

Treating the complications of diabetes in your feet is one of our specialties at Brook Valley Podiatry. You can be assured of expert diagnosis and care when you dial (845) 352-0757 at our Spring Valley office for an appointment. Remember, you can also set one up right now using our contact form online.

Help for Your Nerve Damage

At Brook Valley Podiatry, Dr. Stuart Birnbaum treats many patients with nerve damage. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Spring Valley office by dialing (845) 352-0757. If you prefer, our online contact form can also be used to reach out to us.

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