What conditions can orthotics help?

There are many tools that a podiatrist can use to help you with a foot or ankle condition, but one of the most versatile and valuable is a pair of custom orthotics. Unlike the mass-produced shoe inserts that can be purchased at retail stores, these devices are crafted for patients by foot doctors and are intended to treat various medical issues and prevent serious complications.

Conditions orthotics help to treat and prevent include bunions, cavus foot (high, rigid arches), corns and calluses, hallux rigidus (stiff big toe), flatfoot, metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes, neuropathic ulceration, and plantar fasciitis.

Custom orthotics can play a key role in treating and preventing various medical conditions. At Brook Valley Podiatry, we may craft a pair that is customized to your unique feet as part of treatment for a foot or ankle condition that is causing you pain.

Help for Your Foot Pain

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