Does my child need a Podiatrist?

Child needing podiatric careKnowing when to take your child to a podiatrist is tricky, but it is important to understand that foot and ankle issues are not normal and should be treated (or at least assessed by our staff). A child who exhibits either pain or restricted movement from a foot or ankle requires pediatric foot care. Some of the common, general reasons that parents bring their children in to Brook Valley Podiatry include heel pain, sports injuries, ingrown toenails, and fungal nail infections.

Knowing when to seek podiatric care for your child is important, because the majority of such health conditions are most effectively treated at earlier stages. Additionally, early treatment is important for preventing long-term damage or issues.

At Brook Valley Podiatry, we will provide an accurate diagnosis for your son or daughter’s condition and then create an effective treatment plan to relieve any pain or suffering. You can reach our Spring Valley office by calling (845) 352-7507. If you’d prefer, you can also schedule an appointment by using our online form today.

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