How can I manage my heel pain?

There are a variety of approaches that can be used to manage heel pain. Determining the best one(s) to use will depend upon the patient and the condition causing the issue. In many cases, conservative methods can be used with great success. These include such approaches as rest, icing, stretches, shoe choices, medication, inserts or custom orthotics, and physical therapy.

For some patients, a surgical procedure can be performed to address severe pain or correct a progressive condition that cannot be resolved with conservative care. As an example, a bunion cannot be corrected without surgery, but its symptoms can be addressed through nonsurgical means.

Pain management can be performed at home, but this is best done under the guidance of an experienced foot doctor, like Dr. Stuart Birnbaum. Our patients consistently choose Brook Valley Podiatry because they know we are committed to their health, so contact us today to experience the first-class care and service we provide. Call (845) 352-0757 to reach our Spring Valley office, or simply request an appointment online today.

Help for Your Heel Pain

At Brook Valley Podiatry, Dr. Stuart Birnbaum treats many patients with heel pain. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Spring Valley office by dialing (845) 352-0757. If you prefer, our online contact form can also be used to reach out to us.

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