Subtle Signs of Kids’ Foot Pain

by | Jun 13, 2016

City Parks Foundation offers lots of free sports opportunities during the summer for NYC kids at parks throughout the boroughs—including several here in Spring Valley. Tennis, track and field, and golf programs are great ways to keep your kids active and outdoors. With sports activity there is always some risk of foot problems, but kids won’t always tell you about them.

We want to help you recognize signs of foot pain in children so you know when something needs to be checked at our office. An obvious sign is when your child actually complains of sore feet or ankles. This may happen the morning after a game or practice. Even if they don’t say anything, you may notice them grimacing, limping, or walking on their toes. Be sure to follow up on such clues and get to the root of them.

There are some less obvious ways to recognize a problem, too. You may see them trip and fall often while they are playing, or they may have trouble keeping up with other kids on the field. Even more subtle may be a child who decides not to play T-ball, soccer, or some other sport this year when they have loved doing so in the past. These situations don’t always mean foot pain, but do a little digging to find out the real reason for their hesitation.

One other thing: if they don’t want you to look at their feet or talk about them, you should suspect foot problems as well. We often try to ignore issues and hope they will go away on their own, and kids are no different. However, it really pays to catch a condition early, because kids heal quickly and the earlier we start treatment, the quicker they’ll be healthy and eager to play again.

Contact Brook Valley Podiatry right away if you have a concern about your child’s foot health. You can reach us by phone in Spring Valley, NY at (845) 352-7507 or fill out our online contact form.

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