How Neurogenx Works for Your Nerve Pain

Jan 28, 2016

You can find out anything from how to repel grease ants to ways to stay within your budget on, but you’ll want to consult a more reliable source for information on relieving nerve pain. To find neuropathy relief for your feet when they tingle, feel numb, or experience shooting pains, it’s best to ask your friendly foot doctor at Brook Valley Podiatry in Spring Valley.

We are excited to be able to offer a revolutionary way to treat nerve pain that does not require surgery, uses no narcotics, and comes with no side effects—Neurogenx. This treatment involves the use of Electric Signal Technology (EST) to address neuropathy, fibromyalgia, neuromas, and other painful nerve conditions that affect your feet and ankles.

The principle is to use EST—which is similar to natural electrical impulses in your body—to affect basic cell function. This treatment helps reduce swelling and fluid buildup, which can lead to pressure and pain. It also stimulates cell metabolism, so they become more efficient at repairing themselves and cause damaged nerves to heal faster.

The treatment is administered through patches applied to your skin in problem areas. These are wired to a device to transfer high-frequency electronic waves that reach deeply through muscle and tissue to the nerve cells. There it stimulates regeneration of the tissue and restores proper function.

Neurogenx is FDA-approved for treatment of neuropathy and other nerve conditions. No need for surgical procedures or anesthesia, no habit-forming drugs, and no side effects—what more could you desire in a treatment—except that it really works? We have seen it do so in many of our patients.

Whether your symptoms include tingling and shooting pains or numbness and lack of feeling in your feet, don’t delay calling Brook Valley Podiatry for an appointment. You can reach us at (845) 352-0757 for our Spring Valley office, or simply request one online right now via our online form. When you can walk around and enjoy life again without wondering when the next sharp pain will hit, you will be glad you got in touch with us.

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