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Feet, Floors, and Sports Injuries

Ah, the great indoors! Thanks to New York’s typical wet, slushy, snowy, and frequently frigid winter weather, many athletes and active people have switched over to indoor pursuits. High school and college teams in season include basketball, gymnastics, indoor track...

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From A to Feet: Nutrients and Your Foot Health

You have been told your whole life to make sure you get your vitamins and minerals. Everything seems to get tied to a specific function, too—whether it’s valid or not. “Vitamin A is good for your eyes!” “Calcium gives you strong bones!” “Vitamin C helps with colds!”...

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Is KeryFlex Right For Me?

If you’ve spent at least a year in our neck of the woods, you know how much range there can be in the seasons. A glaring hot summer one part of the year; a snow-buried freezer of a winter in another! While the differences are dramatic when seen...

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