About Our Office

Serving Rockland County

To serve you best, Brook Valley Podiatry places a heightened emphasis on taking the time to listen to you and learn about your condition. It’s important (and only fair!) that you can get to know more about us, too.

We invite you to take a little time to learn about our practice, and why we have confidence in the fact we are the right podiatric practice for you and your family in Spring Valley.

Our Beliefs and Values

We know it’s easy to lose personal connections in this modern electronic world, but a strong doctor-patient relationship is something that should never be lost.

Easy communication between you, Dr. Birnbaum, and our staff is important for not only providing the personalized care that you need, but also so that we can work as true partners in your health. Our main goal is to see our patients return to their favorite activities without being hampered any more by foot or ankle pain.

Our Services

We provide services aimed at tackling a wide range of common (and not-as-common) foot and ankle conditions. Some of the many problems we treat include fungal nail infections, bunions, Achilles tendinitis, and diabetic wounds, to name a few.

Please never hesitate to contact us for any foot or ankle problem you have, regardless of how “minor” or “odd” you believe it may be. Dr. Stuart Birnbaum and our staff have the necessary expertise and skill to provide care for any podiatric issue you may experience.

Our Promise

At Brook Valley Podiatry, we adhere to several promises:

  • We promise to always listen attentively to you so we can better understand your concerns and whatever problem is causing you pain or discomfort.
  • We will use all the information we gather to provide an accurate diagnosis and forge an effective treatment plan that best suits your needs.
  • We will always take the necessary steps and go the extra mile in ensuring that your office visit is comfortable and your expectations are exceeded.
  • We will form a lasting partnership with you based on the mutual interest of you and your family’s health.

Our Office

We remain committed to making first-class foot and ankle care convenient for everyone in the greater New York City area. Our Spring Valley office offers free WiFi access for patients, and we can always be accessed through a plain old phone call if you do not prefer electronic correspondence.

    Schedule an appointment with us online or by calling (845) 352-7507 today.

    Contact Our Spring Valley Office Today

    We have the tools and experience that have helped so many patients, but you must take the first step toward finding the comfort your feet and ankles deserve!

    Schedule your appointment by calling (845) 352-7507 or using our online form. We will get you in at the earliest possible time that works for your needs.

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